The Difference Between you and me and Ghosts.

by Andrew Johnathan

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This is a pre-production version of the song The difference between you and me and Ghosts . This will be on the Full length coming out in April or May, but will be full band!


to say the least I never wanted to know you
but I was force by the force in your eyes
the beauty and the honesty and all the broken dreams
and everything I hate about you.
and all the songs that I write
would never be the right words to say to you

Because I change my tone when I write about you
I use words you don't understand just to spite you
its a secret that i keep inside just hold back the lies
that I don't want anybody to know about you.

Because I know I can show
you the difference between you and me and ghosts
and I need you to know yea I need you to know
all the bitterness I hide inside my bones
and I know you hate me for this and you hate to let things go
but I'm a man of my words and your just another joke
and the habits you bring home are never welcome her
I will break them till I break you and i see you disappear

and I love that I can see you in the future I dont have
because I'm disappointed with my choice again.
and I'm wasting all the best words on you and all your friends.
wasted all the best words on you and all your friends instead
and I know none of this will mattered in the end
cuz your still a peice of shit that never gave a damn


released February 28, 2013



all rights reserved


Andrew Johnathan Iowa

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