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by Andrew Johnathan

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released January 10, 2012



all rights reserved


Andrew Johnathan Iowa

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Track Name: William
And I wont say your name
because you're to far down the road again
and weigh your neighbors the same
because his wife is gone
hes breaking down again

And hes gonna be with her again
and he'll really know how it feels to have a friend
and mother I'll see you soon
Your voice will come out of the dark and i'll be with you

but no I wont hesitate
no I wont hesitate

Because I know how to wait
for the day I'll be with you all again.
Track Name: Father Said
Yea I've got ah soul
but I'm not sure if you can handle
what I have to give or left to show
and this will be the death of me
with a little bit left to show
this will the the empathy that give me no
chance to see what the middle man stole
or how he got here all alone

And we wait to say that we need what our fathers never game
and its a waist of time to keep you on my mind
and ill wait for you to trade what you never knew
a piece of heart you gave a piece of everything you thought you knew

and we change the rules just to think that we're so cool
and now were digging our own hole
and I wont protect myself from the death that we deserve
father told me time would hurt.

and it takes and old and older fool to take the time to get to know you
and ill change this mistake with another song I will never make.
Track Name: Gone for Good
I got two cents that say's you'll be gone by the end of the night
I got more emotion then you do in the tips of your fingers then you do in your face
I got a suspicion that your going to be easily replaced
no one knows just how it feels to be in your place

But its such a relief to know your gone, gone for good
and I don't believe I gave you the time or place
But we all make mistakes sometimes there all the same
but you weren't the same you were the worst mistake I ever made
and now your gone for good.

So lets go back to the place we used to stay
I bet its just as dirty as you were the day you left me
I got a lot of things that I could say
But bloods better kept in my mouth then on your face
Track Name: Leaving Everything
This towns haunted it took everything it wanted but its coming back
for you and me and the in between and everything and all our dreams wed like to think
but if you follow me and all my dreams I will be king of leaving everythign
but I can not promise that you can bring your memories
no I can not promise you can bring your memories
because you don't wanna remember this place
It took everything you had and made it bad
this town took everything even my music scene these people take everything and smash it all to smithereens
but I'm getting out of this god damn hole this place that just eats our souls
and I'm going to prove to all these people that I'm better then half of them they like to pretend I don't exist but I do exist.
I, I am right here breathing down your neck showing you I exist
But I'm coming back coming back for my semi-try
I wish you all knew just how little you all mean to me
your precious scene and everything it never meant to me
you never gave a damn about me or my dreams
your all liars fakes and everything in between.
your all fakes your all fakes your all fakes to me.
You can keep this town and all its memories.
Track Name: Love wont forget me
The length of time you spent in my darkness
leaves me here to believe that you need me to stop this
bring me down to the every day
chain my legs to the wheels you made and I wont forget you

The time I spent at the sinking hole sends me signals that you need to know
love wont forget me

don't count on your soul
to pick up the pieces and fix your heart just like you don't
the devils here and the demons too to take your mind and seduce you
Ghosts can not take you home

Time doesn't tell me to go where my heart is
when the mirror speaks to me through my darkness
talking of my darkest dreams nightmares on the in between
but I wont forget them

Cant we make choices no
everything is out of control
but Love wont forget me

don't count on your soul
to pick up the pieces and fix your heart just like you don't
love is here and the demons too to take your mind and seduce you
Ghosts can not take you home

and I said love wont forget me
I said love wont forget me
I said love wont forget me
Track Name: X's on their eyes
You know, you know he left because you couldn't listen
and now he waits, yea he waits, for you to leave so he can be at peace
but its a shame he's gone now
you blame yourself over and over again

But now there both alone
waiting on the world to let go
Seems they'll never know
what if felt like to hold
there wishing and waiting
waiting and wishing
that they would have fest up long ago
with x's on there eyes and scars on there chest
the graves know secrets that they hold

He's holding on to another
but he knows who's his lover
and he shakes yea he shakes when he needs what he needs
but he took it to the grave what his heart really needs
and its a shame shes gone now
Track Name: Crooked Teeth
Well I'm just a kid with crooked teeth and i know you think your better then me
I know you think I'm ugly then leave me alone and get out of my scene
every night we talk its getting harder to say that your any better then anybody
I may not look it but I'm smarter then you think
they all seem to feel the same way about me

Don't, don't you judge me don't you think you can say who you are
I know the truth your far worse then me with your black heart and your dishonesty
don't you judge me I'm hopeless I can see that but that's my problem
and its your problem you bring your problems to me
thinking I can solve them
get out of my town your making everyone so hard to be around.

Well now that we're here we're talking again I like to tell you, you were never my friend
I watched you lie I see how you work everyone's better off with out you, you'll get what you deserve
you think I'm lying but let me remind you you think I'm ugly and don't know the truth
lets be honest your far worse then me you have the worst smile and it shows straight through your perfect teeth

Don't, don't you judge me, I'm just a kid with crooked teeth.